Savage River Loop and Campground in Denali National Park

The Savage River area in Denali National Park from miles 13 to 15 along the Park Road includes the Savage River Campground, a Loop Trail, Alpine Trail and two day use areas.

Savage River and Savage River Canyon

The Savage River runs down from Fang Mountain and flows north towards its intersection with Teklanika River near the stampede Trail. The Savage River Canyon has been carved by the Savage River between Mount Margaret to its west and Healy Ridge on the eastern side north of the Denali Park Road.

Savage River Loop Trail

This is a 1.7 mile roundtrip hike with a negligible elevation change (no major uphills) near the Savage River as it travels through the Canyon. The trail travels along one side of the river and then crosses the river at a bridge before returning to the Rest Area.

Savage River Rest Area

This day use area is located at the end of the paved section of the park road. It is also used to access the Savage River Loop and the Canyon. Trails connect the Savage River Rest Area to the Campground and the Mountain Vista Rest Area. The free Savage River Shuttle travels here from the park entrance, or you can drive your car or RV when the park road is open.

Savage Alpine Trail

This is a more than 4 mile trail that connects the Savage River area with the campground and Mountain Vista Rest Stop.

Savage River Campground

This is a reservable campground located at Mile 13 on the Denali Park Road with 32 sites. Seasonally, there is potable water and flush toilets. Open fires are permitted in the grates provided at each campsite. This is a limited development campground with no showers, laundry facilities, or hookups for RVs. RVs and trailer/tow vehicles are permitted provided that the total vehicle lengths are less than 40 feet when combined.

Savage River is one of the two campgrounds in the park where there is a view of Denali. Denali is visible on clear days from this area within a short walk from all sites. An old gravel road leads to the Savage River where there are open views.

There are three group camping sites in Savage. They are located near the rear of the campground.

Mountain Vista Rest Stop

This is a day-use area and parking lot at Mile 13 on the Denali Park Road. You can also catch the Savage River Shuttle here from the Denali Visitor Center or other buildings near the park entrance. It is connected to the Savage River Rest Area by both the road and the Alpine Trail.