Acadia National Park Wedding Planning

Acadia National Park Weddings

Acadia National Park is a wonderful option for small, informal ceremonies but may prove challenging for planning larger weddings.

Permits:  A permit is required for most weddings and ceremonies in the park. There is a nonrefundable permit application fee of $50. The permit does not guarantee a specific site or allow the wedding party to restrict other park visitors from any location. For privacy, guests are encouraged to plan ceremonies at the beginning or end of the day in an area that does not attract a large number of visitors. Permits for some locations may be denied during periods of heavy use. Alternatively, an event monitor may be required at a charge of $60 per hour.  Permits are not required for simple ceremonies of ten or less (including officiate) that are in compliance with certain restrictions (no voice amplification, signs, or decorations, etc.).

Maine Marriage Licenses: Maine residents must apply for a license (valid for 90 days) in the town/city where they reside. Out of state residents can apply in any town/city in Maine. The license is valid for a ceremony anywhere in Maine within 90 days of the filing.

Wedding Receptions: Receptions are not permitted outside park concessioners. The only facility in the national park for a reception is the Jordan Pond House. It has a private upstairs dining room which can host 25-40 people. Bar Harbor presents multiple options nearby, however.