Hogback Overlook and Mountain Area off Skyline Drive in Shenandoah

The Hogback Mountain area has three overlooks on Skyline Drive – Little Hogback Overlook, Little Devil Stairs Overlook and the Hogback Overlook. They are located just north of Mathews Arm and Elkwallow.

Hogback Mountain with an elevation of 3,474 feet is the highest peak in the northern portion of Shenandoah National Park. It is a few miles south of Mount Marshall. There are four summits on the mountain – the one closest to Hogback Overlook on Skyline Drive has radio towers and small service buildings. The Appalachian Trail connects Little Hogback Overlook with Hogback Overlook

Hogback Overlook

Hogback Overlook is located at Mile Marker 20.9 on Skyline Drive. Both an old road and the Appalachian Trail head toward the summit from this location.

Little Devil Stairs Overlook

Little Devil Stairs Overlook is located at Mile Marker 20 on Skyline Drive in between the Little Hogback Overlook and Hogback Overlook. It faces west and sits above a trail that climbs over 2,100 feet from a parking area at the end of Virginia 670 until it intersects with the Keyser Run Fire Road (on Google Maps it is called Jinney Gray Rd) . It is one of the most challenging trails in the park. The Fire Road can also be reached from the Keyser Run Parking Area, but it is recommended to start the hike uphill. The trail is not reachable from the overlook that bears its name.

Little Hogback Overlook

Little Hogback Overlook is an overlook just off Skyline Drive at Mile Marker 19.7 which provides access to the fourth summit on the mountain off the AT.