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Abundant wildlife and massive glaciers in Alaska.

The National Park Service website calls it “Where Mountains, Ice, and Ocean Meet”.  At Kenai Fjords, you can enjoy the intersection of a massive icefield, towering glaciers, the icy sea and a temperate rainforest.


The city is the gateway to Kenai Fjords and the start of the historic Iditarod Trail.  Seward has a population of approximately 2,500 with major industries of fishing and tourism.   It is the southern terminal of the Alaska Railroad and a popular destination for cruise ships.

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Wildlife Watching

Opportunities include seeing mountain goats, black bears, bald eagles and whales.


Boats depart daily during the summer from Seward’s small boat harbor to provide a tour of the area and the opportunity to see wildlife.  Kayaking Resurrection Bay or other areas is also possible, but an experienced guide is recommended.

Harding Icefield Trail

A 300 square mile icefield with 40 glaciers descending from it to cover an additional 800 square miles.  A spectacular 8.2 mile round trip day hike takes you there if you are in good shape.  Leave plenty of time for hiking the trail, as it climbs roughly 1,000 feet every mile to the top.  The walk offers spectacular views of the valley floor and Exit Glacier.

Exit Glacier

The only part of the park accessible by road (from May until snowfall).  The turnoff for Herman Leirer Road (aka Exit Glacier Road) is at mile 3 of Seward Highway.  The parking lot for the nature center is at mile 8.4.  From this point, short trails of 1-2 hours round trip provide close up views of Exit Glacier.

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