Bear River State Park: A 324 acre day use park with several miles of trails and a small herd of bison and elk. It is located off Interstate 80 near the Utah border.

Boysen State Park: A 35,000+ acre park at the mouth of the Wind River Canyon in the south end of the Owl Creek Mountains. It surrounds the Boysen Reservoir, an impoundment of the Wind River. The reservoir and the park are named for Asmus Boysen, who built the original dam in 1908 along with a 710 kw power plant.

Buffalo Bill State Park: A scenic park west of Cody with views of the Absaroka Mountains. Much of the land contained in the park was once owned by William “Buffalo Bill” Cody, who was known for his cowboy theme shows in the American Old West.

Curt Gowdy State Park: A nearly 3,400 acre park between Cheyenne and Laramie near the crossroads of I-80 and I-25. The park has seven sections in the foothills of the Laramie Mountains including three reservoirs.

Edness K. Wilkins State Park: A 361 acre day use park on the North Platte River near Casper that was the former site of a rock quarry. It is named for an area resident that served in the Wyoming state legislature for 25 years.

Glendo State Park: This park surrounding Glendo Reservoir on the North Platte River is one of southern Wyoming’s most popular boating parks, popular for fishing and water-skiing.

Guernsey State Park: This park surrounds the Guernsey Reservoir on the North Platte River and is popular for boating and other water-based activities.

Hawk Springs State Recreation Area: A 59 acre park with campground and boat launch on Hawk Springs Reservoir. It is one of the only public recreation lakes on the eastern border of Wyoming.

Hot Springs State Park: A day use park in Thermopolis where mineral hot springs flow over colorful colorful terraces at a temperature of 135 degrees Fahrenheit. The most popular activity is the free bath house where the water is maintained at 104 degrees. There is also a herd of bison, 6.2 miles of trails, and a suspension foot bridge called The Swinging Bridge

Keyhole State Park: A park near the town of Moorcraft surrounding the Keyhole Reservoir. Popular activities include swimming, boating, fishing, bird-watching, water-skiing and camping.

Medicine Lodge Archaeological Site: It is one of the most significant archaeological sites in the West with artifacts dating back more than 10,000 years. It is known for its petroglyphs and pictographs as well as its wildlife watching.

Seminoe State Park: A 1,639 acre park located on the northwest side of Seminoe Reservoir on the North Platte River, one of the largest man-made reservoirs in Wyoming. It is named for French trapper Basil Cimineau Lajeunesse. The Miracle Mile of the North Platte River, a popular section for trout fishing, extends 5.5 miles downstream from Kortes Dam.

Sinks Canyon State Park: This park contains a canyon at the base of the southern Wind River Mountains. It is named for a geological formation on the eastern slope of the mountains where the river vanishes undergound near the mouth of the canyon. The canyon begins as the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River cascades over a waterfall before meeting the Wind River in the basin.

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