Birding in Cuyahoga Valley National Park


Bald Eagles: The park’s eagles are generally seen in the Piney Narrows north of Station Road Bridge Trailhead, Beaver Marsh, or feeding in the Cuyahoga River between Canal Exploration Center and Bath Road.  Please watch from more than 200 yards so as to avoid disturbances.

Great Blue Herons: These wading birds stand four feet tall and have a wingspan of nearly seven feet.  They are the largest heron in North America.  There are three nesting areas (known as heronries) in the park.  The most accessible is on Bath Road between Akron Peninsula and Riverview road.  The Pinery Narrows heronry is best visible from the towpath north of Station Road Bridge in early spring before being blocked by leaves

Other Areas:

Horseshoe Pond:  Red-breasted nuthatches and golden-crowned kinglets winter in this former Christmas tree farm that can be seen from Tree Farm Trail.  Eastern bluebirds can be seen year-round.

Coliseum Grassland:  The demolition of the Richfield Coliseum has created a grassland that has become a summer breeding ground for the eastern medowlark, bobolink, savannah sparrow, grasshopper sparrow and Henslow’s sparrow.  Please stay on the edge of the grassland from April to August to avoid disturbing the nesting birds.

Recent Bird Sightings