Angels Landing in Zion National Park

Angels Landing in Zion National Park is a 1488 foot tall rock formation previously known as the Temple of Aeolus. The summit is located at an elevation of 5790 feet and provides 360 degree views of the canyon.

It is reached by a popular five mile (roundtrip) hike starting from the Grotto trailhead, which is stop #6 on the Zion shuttle. The trail is rated difficult and can take 3 to 6 hours to complete.

The hike has an elevation change of 1500 feet with some steep sections of the trail. It begins with the West Rim Trail through Refrigerator Canyon, with an elevation change of 1000 feet over two miles.

Walter’s Wiggles are a series of 21 switchbacks named for Walter Ruesch, Zion National Park’s first superintendant. This section leads to Scout’s Lookout, where there is a turnofff for the trail to Angels Landing.

Near the top, there is a narrow section called the Spine which has steep drop offs of 800+ feet on both sides during the ascent of the last 500 feet. There is a chain to provide assistance while traveling this section.

The trail is not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights. It has been called one of the scariest hikes in America, and there have been deaths along the hike.

The trail is officially open all year long but can be closed in winter for safety reasons. The Spine should not be attempted when there is snow, ice or rain.