Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park

Moro Rock in Sequoia National Park is a short climb offering panaoramic views of the High Sierra mountain peaks and nearby valleys from an elevation of 6,725 feet. This classic hike of more than 350 steps near the Generals Highway is a short drive from the Giant Forest. From the summit, you can see the San Joaquin Valley, Kaweah Canyon, and the Great Western Divide.

Located south of the Giant Forest along Crescent Meadow Road, the Moro Rock Trail is near the Parker Group and Tunnel Log. There is a small parking lot at the base of the climb. The quarter mile hike/climb to the platform at the top of the granite dome rock formation is the most easily accessible ways to see the Great Western Divide.

The road to Moro Rock closes when the road becomes impassable due to snow and generally opens (weather permitting) the Wednesday before Memorial Day. The road can be be used to hike or as a ski trail when it is closed in the winter. However, the stairway is closed due to dangers on the steps due to ice and snow.

In the summer, Crescent Meadow road closes to private vehicles on weekends and holidays from morning through late afternoon – please use the park shuttle instead (from the nearby Giant Forest Museum parking) or another shuttle stop.

The first staircase to the summit was built in 1917. It was replaced in 1931 by one built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. If you are afraid of heights, the climb and summit will test your ability to control your fear. There are definitely a few places on the climb where you will be thinking that one wrong step would have a bad result – though most of it does have a guard rail. The summit also has a guard rail but it still may not be sufficient to put your worries at ease. This is not the place to get caught in the rain or a thunderstorm.

There is sufficient room on the platform to move about and see the different sights but it would get crowded quickly during peak times. Moro Rock is a popular spot for photographers at sunrise and sunset. You may find them setup at the end of the platform at the top of Moro Rock. If you want the prime spot at the end of the platform you should plan to arrive early.