Agate House in Petrified Forest National Park

Agate House is a building of petrified wood in Petrified Forest National Park originally constructed almost a thousand years and recreated in the 1930s. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1975.

The Agate House Trail is a 2 mile round trip hike from the Rainbow Forest Museum parking lot. It is located near the southern entrance to the park.

The structure likely served as a single family home or a meeting house for the surrounding community. It was occupied sometime between 1050 and 1300, although it may not have been occupied for long due to a lack of artifacts in the vicinity. Its makers used petrified wood for building material and it was held in place by mud mortar.

It stands on a hill in Rainbow Forest. It is alone, though it is believed that it would have been part of a larger community in the area. There have been hundreds of sites of former petrified wood structures found in the park, many of which date to around the same time.

It was reconstructed by an archaeologist and a crew from what would become the Works Progress Administration.